“Real Wood, Real Smoke …

Real Bar-B-Que” 
Bubba’s Texas-style Bar-B-Que and Saloon 

2262 Hong Qiao Lu

Shanghai 201103  China

Phone: (86 21) 6242 2612  Fax: (86 21) 6242 0449 

Bubba’s offers authentic Texas-style bar-b-que, which is achieved only by slowly cooking meat over long periods of time using real wood for tenderizing and flavoring. We are happy to host events or provide you with our smoked meats for private parties.   

Due to the nature of our special cooking process and the fact that we make every item in-house, we may or may not have all items on the menu at all times.  We apologize for this, but invite you to call ahead should you wish to know what’s available for either lunch or dinner. 

Thank you for visiting Bubba’s! 


Smoked Chicken Wings w/Blue Cheese (8) 35

Jalapeno Poppers w/Southwest Ranch (6) 40

Sandwich Sampler Platter (1 mini pulled pork

      and 1 mini chopped beef sandwich) 40

Bite-sized Jalapeno Cornbread Muffin Basket

      w/Seasoned Butter (6) 30

Seasoned Fries 25

Burracho Beans w/Jalapeno Cornbread 35 

Smokehouse Market Platters (choose two sides) 

USDA Beef Brisket 90

Whole Chicken Quarter 75

Smoked German Sausage w/Bread 90

Half Rack Pork Ribs (five ribs) 80

Full Rack Pork Ribs (10 ribs) 120

USDA Beef Short Rib 140 

Double Meat Combo (excluding beef ribs) 110

Triple Meat Combo (excluding beef ribs) 130 

Double Meat Combo w/Beef Short Rib 200

Triple Meat Combo w/Beef Short Rib 250


Smokehouse Sandwiches (choose one side) 

Pulled Pork Sandwich 75

Chopped Beef Sandwich 75

Smoked German Sausage on a Roll 55

Sliced Brisket Sandwich 75 

Classic Smokehouse Sides 

Texas-style Coleslaw 25

Creamy Mustard Potato Salad 25

Burracho Beans w/Jalapeno Cornbread 35

Seasoned Fries 25

Jalapeno Cornbread Muffin 25

Side House Salad 25 

Other Stuff and Kids Menu 

Handmade Pizza 45

Chicken Tenders w/Fries 40

Grilled Cheese w/Fries 25

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich w/Fries 25 

Home-style Salads 

Spinach Salad 50

House Salad 50

Caesar Salad 50

Add Smoked Chicken Breast to Any Salad +20 

Blue Cheese, Miso Honey, Honey Mustard Vinaigrette,

Southwest Ranch, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Caesar 


Ice Cream 20

Apple Pie w/Ice Cream 40

Peach Cobbler w/Ice Cream 40 


Tee Shirts (all sizes) 85

Polo Shirts 95

Golf Caps 65

Beer Koozies 25

Bottle of “Bubba-Que-Sauce” 45 

How to Speak to a Texan…

      About Bar-B-Que 

There are very few people in Texas who’ll agree on exactly what defines Texas-style bar-b-que.  Many will say we are a State of beef eaters, which is true, but we also cook a lot of pork, chicken, cabrito, fish, and sausage.  Some will say “it’s not Texas bar-b-que if it has sauce on it,” while many others love to wet down a rack of ribs while they’re still smoking on the pit.   

One thing is for sure: we love our bar-b-que….we love to argue about it, we love to cook it, we love to perfect it, we love to compete with it, and most of all, we love to eat it. 

What makes Texas bar-b-que different from bar-b-que in other states?  Not much really, other than state lines, pride, and the various cuts of meat and sauce style that is more popular from one area to another. 

One other thing, however, is for sure: most bar-b-que “aficionados” will agree that steaks, hamburgers and hotdogs cooked over a gas grill are not bar-b-que.  Authentic American-style bar-b-que is cooked “low and slow” using real wood to tenderize and impart a very unique flavor to all types of meat.  This is a flavor and experience you won’t soon forget! 

Taste the Difference 

BBQ, barbeque, barbecue, Bar-B-Q…  These are just a few of the common spellings for a cooking technique that ranges from oven roasted meat smothered in smoke-flavored sauce to grilling quickly over hot coals.   

At Bubba’s, we choose a less common form of spelling the word to differentiate ourselves from the many other “BBQs” offered by restaurants.   

Our way of spelling bar-b-que stands for cooking meat “low and slow,” which means the meat is on the pit from six to 15 hours, and never cooked in an oven, on a gas grill, or over charcoal. 


Key Terms and Words 

Howdy – a popular form of addressing others on the street in Texas. 

Chopped Beef – beef brisket after it has been shredded and braised in a light bar-b-que sauce, usually served on a soft roll or slice of bread. 

Pulled Pork – pork shoulder that’s been smoked to the point it melts, then pulled apart, tossed in a vinegar sauce, and served on a soft roll or slice of bread.   

Wet or Dry – this refers to the sauce we use, or don’t use, during the cooking process.  A dry smoked item only has a dry spice rub on it, and sauce is served on the side.  A wet smoked cut gets “mopped” during the cooking process, and then gets a good dose of sauce toward the end and just prior to serving.  At Bubba’s, we dry smoke most of our products and serve the sauce on the side. 

Sliced Beef – the lean flat end of a whole brisket, which is thinly sliced and served with sauce on the side. 

Y’all – a word Texans use when addressing groups of two or more people, regardless of gender. 

Bar-B-Que Sauce – these come in many flavors and styles.  At Bubba’s we make a tomato and vinegar-based sauce, which is traditional to Texas and a little spicy.  We also make a tangy mustard-based sauce for our pulled pork, which is more popular in the Southern states and has more vinegar kick than spice kick. 

Fix’n – a word Texans use to indicate something is about to happen, or someone is about to take action.  As in, “I’m fix’n to eat some bar-b-que.” 

Mop Sauce – a special sauce we use during the cooking process to help keep meats moist.  

Finishing Sauce – the sauce we place on items served “wet” out of the smoker and onto your plate. 

The Pit – the smoker, and in our case, an imported smoker from the U.S. capable of cooking up to 300 pounds of meat at one time.   

The Pit Boss – at Bubba’s, that’s me and I’ll be on hand to make sure you get the highest quality smoked meats and the best bar-b-que you’ve ever eaten this side of the Mason Dixon Line….and that there’s a lot of real estate to cover! 

                              Thanks for visiting Bubba’s,